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Now is the time on Sprockets….

… when we dance I mess with your RSS feeds! The HaldeCraft blog (hereby known as The HaldeBlog) is now here. Update your RSS feeds if you follow, and hopefully soon I’ll figure out how to automagic crosspost to Facebook/Twitter/G+.

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Back in Stock/Get Notified

Do y’all remember me mentioning the new thing I have on my online shop, a new notification service wherein you can leave your email to get an automagic message when I’ve restocked an item? It turns out that I can … Continue reading

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Social Media

Social media! I might be a little crazy… but I love technology, so there ya go. Did you know that HaldeCraft is on… Facebook Google + Instagram Pinterest (note this started off as my personal Pinterest account but that I … Continue reading

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Wait, don’t you already have a home?

I must say, I do love WordPress. That’s one thing I’ve missed since starting up HaldeCraft; a good blogging system! My little store does a lot, but “have a good blogging system” is not one of them. For about a … Continue reading

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My name is Lorena Haldeman, and I am the owner, maker, creatrix, artist, and hard-working woman behind HaldeCraft. I was bitten by a crafty bug as a child, when my grandmother tried to teach me to knit and crochet (ostensibly┬áto … Continue reading

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