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Now is the time on Sprockets….

… when we dance I mess with your RSS feeds! The HaldeCraft blog (hereby known as The HaldeBlog) is now here. Update your RSS feeds if you follow, and hopefully soon I’ll figure out how to automagic crosspost to Facebook/Twitter/G+. … Continue reading

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Sunday Six: Six gifts for the yarn lover

You love yarn. Yarn is probably on your wish list (doesn’t the Yarn Harlot tell non-yarnies that even though we all seem to have enough yarn, yarn is always a good gift?). Or maybe you’re shopping for that yarn lover … Continue reading

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Scenes from last week

Last week was a soapy blur of soap making and wrapping, and scrambling for paperwork, scanning, signing, etc. (I don’t remember, when I bought this house I live in now, 20 years ago, that the process was as time consuming … Continue reading

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Friday Five: Five gifts for the owl lover

Whoooo is always looking for cute owl things? Whooooo do you know that collects owls? Whoooo — ok, I can’t keep doing that with a straight face. Owls. From the majestic photos of owls in flight to the cutesy owls … Continue reading

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Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/19/14)

What are you working on this week? This week I’m all about prepping for GLAM (Sunday, December 7th!) This week in ceramics I fired the kiln for the first time since September. I wanted to hug my kiln and tell … Continue reading

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The book that changed my life

I wouldn’t necessarily call this book my favorite book – after all, how many times have I reread Alas, Babylon and Watership Down? But The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron did change my life. The year was… hmm. I don’t … Continue reading

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Scenes from last week

I was just telling a friend on the phone yesterday that I don’t remember, when buying a house 20 years ago, it being quite this time consuming. As such, I don’t really have a lot to show for this last … Continue reading

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