Things-in-Progress Thursday (11/06/14)

For someone so busy I sure do feel like I haven’t gotten much done this week!

In ceramics, I’ve been glazing as I can; some mugs for an upcoming show, and also continuing with the series of glazed tiles I’ve been working on for color charts.

In soap, I’ve been wondering if I should – even though I said I wasn’t going to – order more supplies and try to get more made before Christmas.

In yarn, I’ve been focusing on yarn club; International November yarn went out on Monday, and over the weekend I’ll get Domestic club packaged up to mail out on Monday. Also, the next round of club is open (and will be until the end of December). You can find that listing here.

In knitting, I’m working on a new pair of socks, and also a hat that’s my November 12-in-14 project.

But mostly what I’ve done this week… was to put an offer on a new house that has an amazing studio. It’s a 2200 sq. ft. workshop/garage; half of it is a two-bay garage and workshop area that will be perfect for That Poor Man, and half of it is enclosed, air conditioned, and perfect for the new HaldeCraft Headquarters. There’s also a small office inside the studio (perfect for keeping my computer ceramic-dust free) and a full bathroom.



Cross your fingers for us, y’all – this isn’t the first place we’ve looked at, and while it definitely has a couple issues (what? No porch on the house?) overall it’s perfect for us.

What about you? What are you working on this week?

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2 Responses to Things-in-Progress Thursday (11/06/14)

  1. J R says:

    I do know how you feel. You work hard and then say, “I didn’t get everything done, so I must not have done much!” Good luck on your new possible work space. We must get together in GNV sometime and discuss workspaces. I have an idea to share with you. You will be at GLAM? Maybe we can meet then.

    • haldecraft says:

      I would love to get together and chat about workspaces! I will be at GLAM, I just got my acceptance notification last week – my booth is usually pretty packed, though, but if you get there and I’m too crazy busy, maybe we could arrange a lunch meetup? (Or even before then, if we have the time.)

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