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Tangelos, not Oranges

Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Vonda in “Tangelo” Pattern:¬†Doppelganger Socks¬†by verybusymonkey Started: April 1, 2014 Completed: April 24, 2014 Notes: This pattern is deceptively simple! No cables (twisted stitches and yarn-overs), and much easier to memorize than it seems it would be. … Continue reading

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Things-in-Progress Thursday (06/26/14)

Things-in-Progress Thursday! Instead of Works-in-Progress Wednesday, because the last couple of weeks I have not been able to check in on the blog on Wednesday. Oh, life. What am I working on this week? In ceramics, I’m cleaning a lot … Continue reading

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This Week in HaldeCraft: Soap

A small update for soap this week; mostly restocks, but one new fragrance that I’m completely in love with! Restocks include Oakmoss Sandalwood, Fig & Plum, Peppermint, Orange Clove, Marie’s Hearth, and A Pirate’s Life. My new fragrance is Midnight … Continue reading

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Things-in-Progress Thursday

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you suspect someone must have put a curse on you? A real “Murphey’s Week”? Where nothing goes spectacularly wrong, but not a single thing goes exactly, 100% right? Yeah. Me too! … Continue reading

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This Week in HaldeCraft: Ceramics

This week I have a small update of ceramics — The butter dishes and egg trays – which I can hardly keep in stock! – are being joined, temporarily, by creamer and sugar bowl sets in matching colors (with the … Continue reading

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WiP Wednesday (06/04/14)

This week of course I’m working on buttons (you probably already know this if you follow my daily photos or on Ravelry), and also on my 12-in-14 knitting project which… I have to admit I didn’t research enough, didn’t realize … Continue reading

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The pressure to sell, sell, SELL!

I read a lot of business blogs. Mostly handmade, heart-crafted ones, like Designing an MBA, Marketing Creativity, and Scoutie Girl, to name a few… but also the occasional larger post about big business ideals and strategies on aggregate sites (posts … Continue reading

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