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Mark the Spot

I’m always on the lookout for things I want to do that combine/add to/compliment things I’m already doing. Sometimes those are things that work, like making soap dishes when I already make soap. Sometimes they are ideas that don’t pan out, … Continue reading

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Culling the (soap) herd

The things I know to be universal truths can sometimes be boiled down to [somewhat] pithy sayings. “Show up; do the work” … “Perfect is the enemy of finished”… and “Kill your darlings.” You all know that I’m reducing my … Continue reading

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This Week in HaldeCraft: Ceramics

This week has a few restock ceramics (the Alligator planters, a small round starter planter, and the neatly wound yarn mugs) but mostly I’m excited about the new items! I hope y’all like mugs as much as I do, because … Continue reading

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Last Week in HaldeCraft: Yarn, Yarn, and More Yarn

So much yarn last week! I’ll sum it all up in one post for you, even though on Facebook and G+ I made it three different ones (as I got everything photographed and listed). The first wave of yarn this … Continue reading

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Off the needles: Salty Flowers

Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Andre in a test skein for “How the Sea was Salt” Pattern: Marigold Socks by pamela wynne Started: November 22, 2013 Completed: December 30, 2013 Notes: Even just the test skein for this colorway makes me wish it were a permanent color – … Continue reading

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Back in Stock/Get Notified

Do y’all remember me mentioning the new thing I have on my online shop, a new notification service wherein you can leave your email to get an automagic message when I’ve restocked an item? It turns out that I can … Continue reading

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Yarn Club: May – July 2014

This product listing is for the Summer 2014 yarn club, a club that runs from May through July and is for three skeins of yarn in the weight of your choosing. This listing will be active until April 30th, 3014. … Continue reading

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