Color me…

Chaotic beauty Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about color. I love color. My favorites are deep, rich colors; reds, browns, greens – I joke that if you can find it in a forest, I love it – but I have noticed in going to festivals and in looking at other people’s shops, a lot of ceramicists seem to have a one-to-four color range and stick to it. A blue. A peachy-brown. White.

Sometimes I think about doing that. Choosing just a few colors. I could buy them in larger quantities then, and glaze by dipping rather than brushing (with about 50 colors, there’s no way I can have four-gallon tubs of each color, I just don’t have room!). But then I think… how could I possibly narrow that down? I enjoy color far too much to have a narrow palate.

There’s definitely something to be said for the monochrome aspect (like in decorating, when people’s entire houses are done up in only blues and whites, and they live by the ocean) and I’d love to be the kind of person who could make a definitive statement of “THESE THREE COLORS ARE MY COLORS” but… (and nobody is surprised) I’d second-guess myself way too much. What if I chose the wrong brown? The pink that’s not quite right?

There’s something about chaos and color that I find inspiring, where other people might find it overwhelming. Other people might not know what to focus on; I hone in on little bits and pieces and things jump out at me to be seen.

Do you have a favorite color, or color palate?

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